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Science informing Policy Symposium Series

Established in 2011, ACIUCN’s Science Informing Policy Symposium is a high-level, two-day event held in partnership with members and others that engages leading experts on national conservation priorities to help inform key environmental policy.

2019 Science informing Policy Symposium
Healthy People in a Healthy Environment: Valuing the Social and Cultural Benefits of Nature

17-18 SEPTEMBER, 2019

The 2019 Symposium, Healthy People in a Healthy Environment, will focus on the critical link between human health and social well-being, and the environment.

The event will provide an opportunity to help focus Australia’s thinking on these important issues and on how to raise awareness and conserve the many benefits a healthy environment provides for people and nature.

Professor Kerry Arabena, Managing Director Karabena Consulting Trust and Weyarn Pty Ltd and Executive Director of First 1000 Days Australia
Dr Bruce Bolam, Chief Preventive Health Officer, Department of Health and Human Services Victoria


  • To showcase, improve understanding and promote the multiple social and cultural benefits of a healthy environment.
  • To highlight best practice case studies and the latest science on the benefits of a healthy environment.
  • To distil the social and cultural benefits of nature into national policy.
  • To build the constituency of support for nature beyond the conservation sector.
  • To explore opportunities for new collaboration and cross-sectoral partnerships.
  • To provide a platform for collaboration and information exchange across governments, NGOs, academic institutions and others in the Australian community.

Given the cross-sectoral nature and intention of the symposium, the event will engage a broad audience of up to 140 people across the government, NGO, health, corporate, agriculture, Indigenous Peoples, industry and academic sectors.

A Key Directions Statement publication will be produced by ACIUCN after the symposium that documents the key policy ideas, cases studies and recommendations presented at and emerging out of the symposium. The final publication will be circulated to senior leaders nationally, regionally and internationally.
To learn more or to book your spot, click here to visit the Eventbrite page.